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daily excursions

The tourist decides the destination of a trip, he imagine exotic places, he wants leave the work’s monotony and he dreams the relax away from home, lying hours after hours on a pool edge or on a remote beach; you can see him on the ski slopes with fashionable sunglasses and a warm Rum punch-glass in his hands, while he took pictures of children close to famous monuments or in some oriental bazaar looking for souvenirs.
The traveler is more willing and, perhaps, more humble, he’s interested by the journey, not by the destination, he likes the comparison with different cultural realities and to judge it, he prefers to take pictures with the eyes and mind, he seeks experience and emotions not necessarily pleasant and relaxing but certainly unique and different.

The traveler wants to follow the paths of large and small local memories and he gladly follows who’s able to show him the scent of wild herbs or the typical, true kitchen, one who knows every single stone, proverb or overview of its region; he is happy to feel himself as a part of a territory which his guide proudly shows and reveals him, he knows that he understood he didn’t just seen.
If you are a traveler, is just you we are expecting.